Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year, New Finds!

Happy New Year! This year I decided to try something different: I did NOT vow to lose weight like I do every January. Instead, I had Burger King for lunch on New Year's Day, and it was fantastic! Of course, that probably has more to do with the fact that I didn't feel guilty for breaking a promise to myself than the actual food.

I haven't given up completely on making New Year's resolutions. I did promise myself that I would finish decorating my apartment, and I'll do it...I think. If you've made a similar resolution, Vintage Home is a great place to start--for furniture, accessories, and inspiration!

Here are a few great new pieces that weren't here in 2013, and more are on the way.

I can remember when I used to say, "I wish we had a sofa to go with all these coffee tables." I never thought there would be a day when we had more than one. But with the arrival of the "Lola" sofa today, that makes three! I'm excited to see what happens next...

Of all the coffee tables we've had in the shop--and there have been a lot of good ones--I think this one is my favorite: Its simple, elegant, and eye-catching. Dress this glass top table up or down to match the style of your living room (or mine!)--its so versatile!

Not to be outdone, the "Montclair" wingback chair can make itself at home in almost any room in the house--your living room, study, or dining room. The scale is perfect for the head and foot of your dining room table, and its comfy, too!

This piece you may recognize, but you've never seen it look like this! Our favorite mango wood desk is back and looking better than ever with a soft, natural finish. With tons of work space and plenty of storage, the only thing else you'll need is a chair (and we have plenty of those, too!).

I get so excited about the furniture, that I sometimes forget to show off all the home decor that you can find at Vintage Home. This is a great place to find chandeliers, lamps, mirrors, artwork, and so much more! These original oil paintings have custom barn-wood frames you'll only find at Vintage Home--unless, of course, you take them to your home.

If the last two weeks are any indication, 2014 will be an exciting year to shop at Vintage Home. Some of my favorite new arrivals sold faster than I could put together a blog, so this year make sure to visit the shop often--I don't want you to miss a thing! 

-KK, Your VH Blogger

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