Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Wonder of White!

We might be growing tired of the snow and ice outside, but inside we can’t get enough of the warmth of winter white! Want to know why?

White is Versatile. White goes with everything, in any room, and we love that! Start with white walls or white furniture (or both), and you have the perfect blank canvas with endless possibilities. Pair whites with other whites and neutrals for a light and airy feel. Combining various whites adds warmth and interest to the room. Or you can integrate rich, dark woods and dramatic graphic prints into your white room for high impact. 

White is Warm.You can create wonderful warmth in your shades-of-white room. Add in nubby fabric, crunchy sisal, woven rattan, warm wood accent pieces, and watch your room come alive. At Vintage Home, right now, you'll find woven snowshoes, terrific baskets, sleek bottles and chippy benches...the perfect accompaniments to white pieces!


White adds Drama. If you prefer a darker color palette, adding a single white element to your room is a eye-catching and intense, giving the entire room a pop of freshness. This new arrival dog statue is the perfect "Hollywood Regency" accent piece. 

Want to learn more about decorating with white? Stop by Vintage Home this week! Talk with us about ideas for using white in your home. New arrivals include a great selection of nightstands, beds, vanity, desk, cedar chests, bookshelves and fabulous mirrors--including a gilded six foot pier mirror! Come visit!

Also, check out this great link from CountryLiving Magazine (click here).

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Starting Fresh!

January is such a great month!  The holiday trimmings are all put away (well, almost) and if we're lucky, the snow takes a day or two to force us inside, looking at our surroundings with an inspired eye.  We picked up some great pieces this week--maybe they'll inspire you like they do us! The cool gray-blue of the Swedish influence is seen in this wonderful cabinet.We had so much fun pulling out the ironstone and enamelware for display in this piece!


Check out this fabulous white on white glass door cabinet, pictured at right.  So much storage space with room left over to feature seasonal vignettes.  Paired with the texture of seagrass and weathered wood...white is warm and cozy!

We loved the weathered black cabinet that spans the back of this photo.  The nice tall bookcase is white with the swedish bluegray, and the five-drawer console table is our last one!   We have a few more of the bookcases in different colorations that also just arrived. Ooops, we just sold the large black cabinet...but stop in, because there are plenty more wonderful pieces at Vintage Home, many that just arrived this week~