Sunday, January 9, 2011

Starting Fresh!

January is such a great month!  The holiday trimmings are all put away (well, almost) and if we're lucky, the snow takes a day or two to force us inside, looking at our surroundings with an inspired eye.  We picked up some great pieces this week--maybe they'll inspire you like they do us! The cool gray-blue of the Swedish influence is seen in this wonderful cabinet.We had so much fun pulling out the ironstone and enamelware for display in this piece!


Check out this fabulous white on white glass door cabinet, pictured at right.  So much storage space with room left over to feature seasonal vignettes.  Paired with the texture of seagrass and weathered wood...white is warm and cozy!

We loved the weathered black cabinet that spans the back of this photo.  The nice tall bookcase is white with the swedish bluegray, and the five-drawer console table is our last one!   We have a few more of the bookcases in different colorations that also just arrived. Ooops, we just sold the large black cabinet...but stop in, because there are plenty more wonderful pieces at Vintage Home, many that just arrived this week~

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