Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Earth Day Every Day!

Officially, Earth Day was Friday, April 22, but at Vintage Home every day is Earth Day! Why? Because we take antique furniture and give it new life: We clean it, fix it, paint it, stain it, polish it--whatever it needs--to make it the perfect piece for you!

Here are some of the "green" treasures you'll find at Vintage Home right now:

We know your mind is on the beautiful weather outside, so let’s start with a look at the great restored patio furniture we have for sale.

This white outdoor dining set comes with a large, glass top table and six matching chairs. What a chic piece for the beach!

Recognize the base of this coffee table? It's a chicken coop! We've added a glass top and industrial castors to this awesome farmhouse find. We love this piece for its great rustic appeal. It could certainly weather the outdoors (and has!) or warm up a room inside - you decide!

Obsessed with rustic chic?
So are we! Come see our one-of-a-kind
selection of barn wood beauties.

This French-style bachelorette chest is extra sweet with its glass knobs and unique diamond pattern. We'll let you in on a little secret: there are three more drawers inside!

Beside this beautiful bachelorette chest is an elegant nightstand with wire-front doors. We have several other white, French-style nightstands in the store, so stop in and see which one strikes your fancy!

Not enough room in your bathroom to do your hair and makeup? This 1930s vanity is perfect for primping! And check out the size of the mirror - it’s every girl’s dream!

Having a large dinner party? No problem!
This dining table comes with two
extension leaves.

If you like the style of the vanity, have we got the table for you! This round, dark hardwood dining table is from the same era, and it’s gorgeous! Notice how the rich, natural wood really pops next to a painted piece.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? This piece would look awesome with that round dining table! This distressed, tan buffet is truly unique: the beautiful arch is actually the handles for a large, second drawer!

If you love horses, you might also love these framed vintage photos (above the buffet). We think they were taken in the Unionville area. So cool!

Like what you see? We've got plenty more vintage jewels to show you. So if you feel like going "green," go to Vintage Home!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This Week's Arrivals!

They're here! Our new shipment of cool, functional cupboards arrived late last week, and they're awesome! Here are some of the new pieces you’ll find at Vintage Home this week!

OK, how many pieces of china do you think you can fit in this amazing find?! With six cabinets, four drawers and three shelves, this beautiful cupboard may just hold every dish you own! 

Remember the Swedish blue gray we love so much? We now have several different styled cupboards in this great color for you to choose from, so all you have to do is pick the one that’s right for you!

This charming, rustic cupboard offers an enormous amount of storage space enclosed behind three elegant, arched doors with paneled glass. And believe it or not - this isn’t our biggest one! We also have a wider version with two large, glass-paneled sliding doors. Stop in the store to check out these and other options.

Love the blue gray color but need a
space-saving alternative? This single-door
cabinet will give you the look you love
in the size you need!

Don’t be intimidated by the size of this next piece! This white-washed cupboard with chicken-wire door-fronts is the perfect companion for the large farm table you have -- or want to have -- at home. Dining room not big enough? We’ll let you in on a little secret: This piece is actually three individual cabinets, so you can customize this cupboard to fit your needs. Buy one, two or three!

We love the quaint, cottagey feel of this white, double-door cupboard, and so did one of you! Unfortunately, this piece has already been snatched up, but we are able to order you one in ivory if you love it, too.

Here is another great candidate for a media center or armoire! This beautiful white storage cupboard features three adjustable shelves enclosed by two large, window-paned glass doors. But that’s not all! This piece also has three glass-knobbed drawers for lots of extra hidden storage.

This new arrival isn’t a cupboard, but it does offer you the same extra storage for your home. And it’s GORGEOUS! Honestly, the picture doesn’t do it justice. Stop in the store this week to see this rustic storage bench in person with its beautiful six antique blue and green stained glass panels. Perhaps another great piece for your beach house!

For questions or measurements on any of these pieces, call Vintage Home at (610) 251-2155 or stop by the shop. We’d be happy to help you! And don’t forget to check back to see next week’s exciting arrivals.

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Dozen Ways to Spruce Up for Spring

It’s that time of year again - time to clear away the winter weariness and leap into spring!  Spring cleaning and organizing is so much better when you have some  great pieces to help you get organized for the season ahead. So here are a dozen of our favorite space-saving, clutter-clearing picks that you can find right now at Vintage Home. 

#1 - We love the size and natural wood finish of this large 4-door cupboard; it can add the perfect amount of rustic charm to your kitchen or casual dining area. It has tons of cabinet space to store your extra dishes and serving pieces, but we also think this piece would make an awesome pantry!

#2 - A large rattan basket is the perfect place to stow away your winter blankets or hide your kids’ toy collection. Not sure where to put this piece? Consider using it as a coffee table - it’s the perfect shape and size!

A small stack of stuffed suitcases makes a
unique side table or coffee table base. Use a tall
stack of antique luggage to fill an odd nook or
empty corner to create drama and interest.
#3 - Vintage suitcases may not be the best travel companions anymore, but they are the perfect in-home storage solution for photos, old tax-returns (yes, it’s that time again, too!) and, of course, your winter woolies.

#4 - This rustic farmhouse chic cupboard is one of our favorites because it's so incredibly versatile. It has its original red barnwood paint, iron castors, side handles, and a chicken wire back. This little guy would easily lend itself to a media center in your family room or provide extra storage in almost any room in the house. We also love the idea of using this piece as a bar on your back porch for all your summer cookouts. The possibilities are endless!

#5 - Copper pots, boilers, and baskets, too, are a simple yet chic way to stack everything from magazines to firewood. It doesn't get much easier than that!

#6 - This chippy white cupboard would make a great addition to a family room, hallway or kitchen. We love it because it offers shelves behind a glass door to display the things you want to show and a cabinet to hide the things you don’t! 

#7 - Extra seating is great, but extra seating with storage is even better!  This white storage bench has three large cubbies that you can use to stack books and dvds or display photos and pottery. Better yet - add some baskets to make the most of the additional storage space.

We love the Swedish blue gray that is such a wonderful neutral, and very popular in interior design today.

#8 - This French-style china cabinet could add the right amount of elegance and charm to your dining room or eat-in-kitchen. It features lots of drawers and shelves to stock all your extra flatware and china.

#9 This large, antique wicker linen chest is a great way to store extra sheets and blankets - perhaps at the foot of the bed. The richness of the natural wicker will also add texture and interest to your room.

#10 - Need extra closet space? No problem! This snappy blue armoire will give the instant storage you need - not to mention a punch of color! Would also be great for holding a large flat screen tv!  Wouldn't this be a fun piece to have at your beach house this summer? We love that idea!

#11 - Speaking of beach houses...grab one of these colorful pails on your way to the shore. They are a fun way to contain the clutter that collects by the front door. We have one for flip flops, one for toys, and another for the dog's toys. So fun and practical, too!

#12  - We're making this too easy! Stop by the shop this week to see these and a dozen more storage solutions that will make your spring organizing a success! We hope to see you soon!