Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Spend The Holidays at Vintage Home

Who says Christmas comes just once a year? At Vintage Home, it's staying all week! We need to make room for new furniture, so we're putting all upholstery on sale! That's right--ALL upholstery, including our floor models, is 20% off through the end of the year!

The Sloan Chair (floor model only)

French carved chairs

The Sloan Sofa (floor model only)

Wait--there's more! All new, non-vintage Christmas decorations are now 50% off through December 31. If you couldn't justify splurging on yourself before Christmas, you certainly can now...with 50% less guilt!

Vintage Le-Bec Fin
Blue Velvet Chairs
The Saunders Leather Chair (floor model only)

So, put together your post-Christmas wish list, and hurry to Vintage Home to take advantage of this awesome holiday sale!

The Ella Bench (floor model only)
The Alexa Leather Chair
(floor model only)

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