Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weekend Arrivals!

Wondering if it's worth the trip to Vintage Home this weekend? The answer is "Yes!" (and not just because they're paying me to say that--its really true!) Check out these great new pieces that arrived just in time for your weekend visit.

Sports fans, this one's for you. Who says you need tickets to feel like you're part of the game? Pop this set of vintage stadium seats in front of your big screen TV, put on your favorite jersey and giant foam finger, and get ready to do the wave! Visit us this weekend, and you could have them home in time to watch the Eagles beat the Broncos (just a hunch).

The "Alexa" chair is available in three
great upholstery finishes (2 leather, 1 fabric).

For the less enthusiastic sports spectators, we have something a little less authentic (and a lot more comfortable!). Meet the "Alexa" chair, your new best friend. Come try her out this weekend (and the new leather "Parker" chair, too), but I'm warning you--you're gonna want to take her home with you. She's not going anywhere, but we'll order you your very own--perhaps the matching sofa and ottoman, too!
There's lots more to see, so put Vintage Home on your "To-Do" list this weekend. Our doors are open Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday 12-4pm. See you at the shop!

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