Tuesday, October 1, 2013

No Touch-ups Necessary

When I paint, I can't stand drips or nicks. That's the perfectionist in me. But when I shop, the more chips, the better! That's the realist in me. As clumsy as I am, I'm bound to scuff, scrape and ding the finish on just about everything in my path, so why not embrace it? That way, I don't have to feel bad or run to the store for touch-up paint every time things go awry.

Here are a few of my favorite chippy little pieces that you'll find at Vintage Home right now. Oh, and did I mention that they all happen to be in one of my favorite colors? Red!

In its former life, this antique pine table was red from top to bottom. Today it's only red from the waist down. Perhaps it'll lose a little more paint in its next life as your kitchen table or child's desk. Only time will tell...

This weathered vintage battery stand is now the base of a cool, industrial side table. I love that you can see the old signage right through the glass. That way you can admire it up close, far away, sitting down, or standing up!

When I said chippy, I meant chippy! I have such a soft spot for this roughed up little nightstand. You don't get this much character overnight--it took years to look this good!

Stop by the shop this week to see these perfectly chipped up pieces, and we'll show you how to work them in with your existing decor.

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